The Heroic Hand

This essay is quite relevant to some ideas that are kicking around right now. It sets up a more realistic view of human kind. It debunks on the one hand, the idea that humans are just a species of animal with some exceptional talents, and on the other hand, that we can exist outside of nature and our bodies.

Sacral Man

Welcome to my idea for explaining the problem with whistleblowers. Usually, when people blow the whistle on abuses the abuses continue and the blowers are retaliated against. Also, whistleblowers are often egomaniac attention seekers. The solution to abuse is not to expose it, but to strike it down so it does not rise up.

Some Time Ago

I have been doing a clearance of some old writings I have on my hard drive. I am putting some of it up on the net. This is something I did for a creative writing class when asked to write something about time travel. It is a little dated, but that is appropriate given itsContinue reading “Some Time Ago”


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