About the Red/Green menace. So called.

I say the menace is gold/purple. Read on.

As the turbulent twenties roll out, the world gets weirder and weirder. The oligarchic factions fighting to hold onto power get ever more frantic in their information wars on the public and on each other. The internet and social media were supposed to make information much more available for ordinary people.

Actually, the intense propaganda wars plus the simple natterings of know nothings makes it much harder for the casual internetter to get an accurate picture of what is happening in the world. However, I would maintain that a person with good basic thinking skills and an ability to devote some time to studying the information storm, can get a good understanding of how the universe is unfolding. At least, in terms of the broader struggles for control. Less information is available about local power struggles and so they are harder to figure out.

I am a weird and disabled person who can afford a computer connection and can sit up and think clearly. In fact I think I am exceptionally good at thinking through complicated social and political problems. You’re welcome. So one of my main hobbies is tracking the collapse of western imperialism and its displacement by something better. Then, imparting my wisdom to the dozen or so people who might actually read this. You’re welcome.

My Subject

What interests me at the moment is a video called “The Red Green Menace”. You may find this masterpiece of propagandic art at https://climatediscussionnexus.com/videos/the-red-green-menace/ I will analyze it for what it reveals about how things are going for what I will here designate as ‘The Gold/Purple Menace’.

This video was produced by the same people who are responsible for the Climate Discussion Nexus. This is a weekly e-newsletter which has become my favourite source of information debunking the climate change hogwash. This is why I am so disappointed that they also give me this war mongering puke about the Chinese Communist Party. Find the site at https://climatediscussionnexus.com/

Of course, the people who give good information about the ‘climate’ nonsense tend also to be aligned with the nationalist/industrialist faction of the oligarchy. They used to like China because it gave them a way to get their manufacturing done cheaply abroad so they can keep making high profits by selling the stuff back home. They do not generally see constant warfare as benefitting them. But as the Chinese gain the technological edge over the west, there is a split among the industrialists, with part becoming hostile to China.

The industrialists oppose the financial/globalist faction of the oligarchy because these make their money off just owning what people need in order to live; they are coming to be called techno-feudalists. The financialists have also had a love/hate relation with the Chinese, but it has been more hate, less love. The ‘Red’ Chinese have been increasingly disrupting their system of control over the world’s economy.

Countries which develop their economies using their own credit and currency rather than the Globalists ‘investment’, and who try to act like real sovereign states, are not tolerated. World wars get started so as to bring them into line. When nuclear balances of terror make that impossible, cold wars get cranked up to contain them.

Both factions of the western oligarchy thought they had a more cunning strategy this time. They thought they were gradually absorbing China into their system. In recent years they have discovered that the Chinese are absorbing them. Their rage is intense but they are having trouble finding ways to bring China back into line without severely damaging themselves.

My Concern

Now the anti China campaign is becoming intense and complex. There are new divisions within the western imperialist oligarchy. These seem to run across the old industrialists/financialists split. One faction wants to get along with China and recognizes that China’s system is working, the west’s is failing. One faction wants to try to isolate and suffocate China. One wants a war.

It is the latter that is concerning. A war with China would draw in Russia. It will be a world war which would likely turn into a nuclear war. At the least it would be hugely destructive. The economic effects alone would set us back generations.

I really dislike war mongers. The ones trying to start a war with China may think they can do it because China has a fairly small nuclear force. But it still has enough to destroy the United States in a second strike or “revenge from beyond death” attack. The Russians, on the other hand, could destroy the US nuclear force in a first strike. There is a good chance they would leave the US unable to retaliate, but what a horrible gamble that would be.

People today seem to have forgotten what a nuclear war would mean. Even a small one would cause climate destruction greater than the most hysterical fantasies of the ‘extinction rebellion’ crowd. In an all out war between Russia and the US, maybe some simple organisms will survive to start evolution again. Maybe.

My Objection

So you will understand why I would prefer that conflicts between nuclear powers be avoided. Historically, one of the best ways to bring about peace between nations is trade between them. The main cause of wars is imperialism; subjugating people so as to extract wealth from them.

Isolating China will no longer be possible either. Whether the authors of the “Red Green Menace” like like it or not, the Chinese century is coming on. The USA is going into financial meltdown in the next one or two years. The Euro block will follow soon after. By 2025, China’s “Made in China” program will be complete and they will have superiority in all key areas of technology.

Mister Red Green Menace admits that it seems too late to stop the Chinese drive to world domination. He is right. But it is not because of some secret plan the Chinese Communist party conspired in with some environmental fanatics in the west. It is because their system is working. Western Capitalism is failing.

The big hole in the Climate discussion Nexus’s often brilliant demolition of ‘Climate’ is it does not identify where it all really comes from. It has been the pet project of the globalist/financialist elite for a long time. These are the people who have driven imperialism since the seventeenth century.

These are also the people who talk about the need to reduce the earth’s population. They are responsible for the famous ‘guidestones’ proclaiming that the earths population “shall be maintained” at half a billion. They want the earth’s resources for themselves alone. They are afraid of a rival emerging, to challenge their dominance of the earth. So, you can see how the rise of China rains on their parade.

The debunking of ‘Climate’ has of course come from those who oppose the globalist/financial capitalists hegemony. The valid opposition comes from the real left, of which I consider myself part of. We are the people who understand what socialism actually is. We are not part of the fake socialists set up by globalism; the ones who have forgotten all about real social issues and are cheerleading aggression against real socialism.

The illegitimate opposition to ‘Climate’ comes from the industrial capitalists. They have been in conflict with the financialists since the middle ages. The landlords versus the guilds. The mercantilists versus the factory owners. The banks versus the stock market. There is no need here for a history lesson.

It is this nationalist/industrial capitalist faction of the oligarchy that “Climate Nexus” is clearly coming from. It comports with the ‘Libertarian’ trope that all government is tyranny. The drive to destroy western economies in the name of ‘climate’ is all a fiendish plot by comic book evil geniuses in Peking. Pft!

So, the financialists used ‘climate’ as a way of regaining full control over the worlds economy and subordinating industrial capitalism. They were surprised at the way the Chinese were able to turn this to their advantage. The industrialists were taken in by this. The dumber ones still want to defeat it by propagating libertarian ideology and things like ‘climate nexus’.

The more intelligent industrial capitalists realize that old fashioned capitalism is finished. They are adapting to the new realities. They have come to accept that the world will be a better place when the Chinese are the dominant power. We are coming to the age of socialism in about the way that old guy with the bushy white beard had predicted it.

My Criticism

Mister Red Green Menace appears to be of a generation which was conditioned to start foaming at the mouth and raving about “Reds” whenever he hears the word ‘socialism’. He sees no difference between that and communism which to him is about Stalinism. He was also exposed at an impressionable age to the lovely bit of Libertarian Amphiboly; “government is the problem, not the solution.” He is thus the biggest menace to future prosperity.

It would be foolish to try to take on every one of the propaganda tropes he uses. They have all been made to go ‘poof’ a thousand times already but as propaganda campaigns do, they just keep on going; endless repetition, make up your own facts, ignore or suppress counterarguments.

The Chinese People’s communist party are; (gasp) communists! They are being mean to the poor Uigurs. They are stealing our technology. With their “belt and road” initiative they are buying up transportation infrastructure or building it new, and even running it properly.

The biggest whopper is that they want to rule the world. This is narcissistic transposition on a global scale. It is the western powers which have been trying to rule the world for about four centuries.

The Chinese historically have had a different approach. They do not go out conquering other people. They sit in their ‘middle kingdom’ and let the world come to them.

In fact, it seems that much of the world would like the Chinese to rule them but the Chinese do not want to fall into that trap. A unipolar world order is very bad for the world. In the end it has very harmful effects on the unipole, as shown by the condition of the Unites States now.

The Chinese and Russians have done a good job of shutting down the ‘Atlanticist’ hegemony; the American and European financial capitalism. Both are in collapse and this will have negative effects on Canada, where both ‘Climate Nexus’ and I are based. Canada’s isolation will probably protect us from the worst of it.

It cannot be over emphasized that the reason for the rise of China is not some sinister plot to overturn some sort of rightful or divine order of things. The Chinese have developed a superior system. Our economic and political system has failed.

This is not to say that the sun rises and sets in China. There are problems with their way of doing things. But that is for them to sort out. Instead of attacking them, it is time we recognized our own failure and began to fix our own messes.

Climate Discussion Nexus is some use in that regard, in that it points out the hazards in letting ruling elites use mass media machines to create false narratives to control the population and force government policy in a certain direction, and to silence all questioning of that narrative. However, this should prompt us to look into the lack of truthful information media and of real democracy in our own country, rather than in countries our ruling classes see as a threat and rival.

To conclude, I suspect that one of the biggest problems in getting people to more aggressively challenge the ‘climate’ narrative is that those leading the opposition to it are shown to have agendas of their own. These agendas are just as dangerous to normal people as that of the globalist climateers.

The solution for this is better government, not less government. Libertarian notions are in completely the wrong direction and are the problem, not the solution. We need a strong, meritocratic government which sees the national interest as the public interest, not private interests. That is, something like what China has developed.

The threat right now is not Red/Green, it is Gold/Purple. We have an elite in the west that has long hoarded most of the gold, and are turning purple at the idea the Chinese are taking it away from them.

So concludes my analysis of Mister Red/Green’s “stereoscopic”, more like cockeyed, view of reality. I wonder if he will let a link to this article stay up on his comments page?

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