On Oligarchy, Narratives, and Truth.

Cait Johnstone is one of the best bloggers around today. She is one of the few worth responding to in a comments section. Usually when I finish a response in a comments section I find I have something worth passing on beyond just that comments section. Here is the URL to the article I amContinue reading “On Oligarchy, Narratives, and Truth.”

The Fair Vote Canada Election; Adventures in Constructive Shit Disturbing.

With Some Discussion of Deliberative Democracy and Greater Toronto Transit Policy. I participated in the FVC candidates debate last week. There were fourteen of us running for six positions. I was running as a spoiler; trying to get the ossified FVC organization to start thinking beyond tweaking the election system and looking at what aContinue reading “The Fair Vote Canada Election; Adventures in Constructive Shit Disturbing.”

On the relationship between Voting Reform and Democracy.

For the membership of Fair Vote Canada further to my candidacy for the board of that organization. Also, for the edification of anyone who is interested in the subject or likes my blog posts. I have already presented a quite long piece for the information of the FVC members who will vote in the comingContinue reading “On the relationship between Voting Reform and Democracy.”

FVC and poor old Me

Memories of twenty years of studying democratic reforms and the people I met. That the existing political structures in Canada do not make any sense is something I have been aware of for as long as I have thought about how the world works. I was aware well before Fair Vote Canada ever came alongContinue reading “FVC and poor old Me”

On Canada leaving NATO

A Sunday Reply to a Saturday Debate The Toronto Star’s new “Saturday Debate” is getting to be a thing. It usually gives us a ‘moderate left’ versus ‘moderate right’ square off. This is according to the liberal idea that this is somehow going to give us the truth about the issues or perhaps some notionContinue reading “On Canada leaving NATO”