The Three Way Battle of the Pandemic

The lesson covid has been teaching. (Or, you could see this as my covid notes #11, if you’ve read those.) It gets to be a cliche to say that the pandemic is entering a new phase. But in the developed countries, with a majority of the populations now vaxxed up, the dynamic has changed. TheContinue reading “The Three Way Battle of the Pandemic”

Pardon me While I Conspire;

Some theorizing about conspiracies and cretins in comments boxes. A blogger friend of mine is having a problem with “The Jewish Conspiracy” taking over her comments page. So she has shut it down for awhile. However, she still has the comments section going on her other outlets. She is a very busy blogger. I amContinue reading “Pardon me While I Conspire;”

Reflections on Canadian Women at the Olympics

My thoughts after watching coverage of the Tokyo Olympics. We need more women’s sports.We need women’s professional sports leagues in Canada. Since there are obstacles to private capital doing this, it needs government action.