On Left and Right Libertarianism plus Covid.

Fortunately most people are mainly non ideological in their belief system. They take a pragmatic view of the situation and their own interests. Still they are bombarded relentlessly with a lot of ideological propaganda passing as information.

Thoughts on the Federal Election in Spadina Fort York.

There has to be a better way to do this. I am going to have to do some more blogging already. I feel a need to say something about the way my new member of parliament for Spadina Fort York got decided yesterday. It leaves me disgusted with politics all around. It also confirms meContinue reading “Thoughts on the Federal Election in Spadina Fort York.”

Some Bleeding Slices of Covid;

I think I finally have this thing written and done. But I will be following up on the themes I have touched on. I have spent a lot of time on this, it contains ideas more people need to become familiar with, and it deserves to be referred far and wide.

Culling my Mint Patch

There are two misinformation vectors in the article. One is the idea that there is still something about the 9/11 events which needs to be “investigated”. Then this idea is linked to the ’covidiot’ idea that public health measures in a pandemic are in themselves something sinister and conspiratorial.

Voting will solve nothing

politicians, especially party leaders, are figureheads, but it is not that simple. The biggest delusion cynical people have about politics is that the ruling class is a monolith. In fact, it is full of factions fighting to preserve their interests against other elite interests and this has been getting more intense as the system fails.