I’m a Panda Hugger.

I just can’t say anything bad about China.

There is getting to be a lot of play in social media about a coming head-on conflict with China. I do not think it will actually happen, because the ‘powers that be’ know they would lose it. What is more likely is a distant blockade of China.

By that I mean, cutting off its maritime trade by seizing ships coming to or going from China. They could do the same with air traffic. China does not have the long range capacity yet, and sufficient technological edge in some areas, to challenge this.

However, this would in the long run hurt the main China baiter, the USA, much more than China. China can get its fuel and conduct its trade mostly through Central Asia if it needs to. That is why it is building all those pipelines and rail links.

The USA is highly dependant on trade with east Asia and China could cut that off very fast. This will accelerate the economic decline of the USA, already picking up speed. This century will be China’s century, and there is not much the western powers can do to prevent it.

But enough of the geopolitics. We are now being bombarded with anti-China propaganda to prepare us for whatever the oligarchs will try to do. It seems less shrill in Canada than in other places.

My loyal followers in Australia tell me it is very bad there. People get asked why they only criticize the USA and not China? By ‘criticized’ it is meant, talk trash about both sides to conform to this idea of ‘balance.’ But the balance is always in favour of the USA.

As with most conflicts, there are no real ‘sides’ to it. Whatever the faults of China, it is not for the USA and its propagandists to say. The USA is not the world’s policeman, however it tries to act like it. It does not decide right or wrong for everyone.

At some time in the future, we may have a truly impartial and effective international force which can act to ensure peace between nations, or impartially try state leaders for crimes of aggression. The USA is not it and definitely never will be that force. Rather, it is the main force which needs to be curbed and its leaders punished.

To put it in a slightly different way, the China issue is not about what China may be doing. It is about the actions and motives of those trying to create conflict. It would not matter to these people what China did if it was not threatening the dominance of these powers.

No surprise about the initial effectiveness of the Globalist war propaganda. As one of the Nazi’s propagandists, Fanny Reifenstuhl, said; “Propaganda always works if it allowed.” It’s the same way as with the ‘herd immunity’ approach to anticovid measures; if they cannot be silenced they will get their way.

The only way to head off trouble is with a massive reaction in these countries under Globalist rule against the war propaganda. The aim must be to silence it, remove the militarist agents from office and jail them, and dismantle the intelligence services which operate against the public.

This is going to be almost impossible to do before serious conflict and disruption develops. People are still hung up on the idea they are living in an actual democracy and that ‘reason’ will prevail. When a critical mass of the population gets that idea out of their heads and realizes the consequences of the war mongering, things will become possible.

So again about a conflict with China; I think the Anglo-Globalist powers are stupid but not that stupid. Like most people with too much power, they are bullies. Bullies generally back away at the last moment when they see that the target is able and willing to strike back.

There is no way that these aggressors are going to be able to save their system from collapse. Something new is coming soon. The question is, what?

It is an old saying, that old and rotten orders collapse suddenly and no one knows what to replace them with. Such regimes suppress ideas for anything better. So, people latch onto whatever models are available to them.

Right now the most successful model of a modern state is China. The typical western liberal will be appalled at the idea of imitating any part of the Chinese system. That is part of the problem.

There are great cultural differences between the west and China. We are not going to adopt Chinese civilization wholesale. Do not all start trying to learn Chinese, please.

However, there is much to learn from the way China is being run. It is not just how to run a post oligarchic state, but how not to run it. The Chinese themselves seem well aware of these deficiencies and are working to correct them.

It is possible to look at the Chinese model analytically and without being drawn into propaganda campaigns that cannot lead to anything good. Since I will be doing further Panda hugging, you may want to follow my blogging.

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