The Omicron Death Wave, Part Three

To conclude, an infection rebellion would be mostly about forcing politicians out of the way who cannot do their jobs, or have the wrong idea about what their job is, and getting the right people’s asses into all the MOH chairs. From there it would be a fairly simple matter to end the pandemic in Canada.

The Omicron Death Wave; Part Two

The first two years of the pandemic have been wasted opportunity; nothing done to repair society’s vulnerability, the means of dealing with it not built up but allowed to wear down.

The Omicron Death Wave.

This Omicron wave, and likely even more virulent waves following on it, will be far more devastating than what we have already seen. This is just starting and we have just been through the preliminaries. Entire countries, their economies and societies, are going to collapse.

Fighting the Covid War in Canada

In fact, I think these are the kind of people who should have been in charge all along. They are intelligent, well educated, and non arrogant. It is wonderful to hear people with really good minds conversing.

Boycotting the Olympics.

the only countries doing this are the ‘five eyes’ nations of the core Anglo-Saxon world; Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. are also disgracing themselves. These countries do not seem to be really independent; the media indoctrination campaign seems limited to them. The rest of the world thinks we are idiots