About Covid and Masks

I found a video on the World Socialist Website the other day. It was an interview with an Engineer, Nicholas Smit, and his experiences trying to get public health authorities to get serious about masks and ventilation. It was very interesting and informative but left me with a few questions.

Debates About Basic Income, and an Old Essay of Mine.

I continue my garage sale of old writings. Reproduced below is an essay I did for my university course in “Post Modernism.” I am putting it out right now because it contains some ideas about a philosophical approach to advocating for a Basic Income. The cause is that someone I follow has recently invited peopleContinue reading “Debates About Basic Income, and an Old Essay of Mine.”

World War Covid

How the Pandemic Looks Globally as We go into Year Three. Over Christmas I have been doing a roundup of how different countries on earth are faring in the pandemic. I have come to some conclusions about it. I will discuss it in more detail in subsequent articles. I think the real struggle here isContinue reading “World War Covid”