Listen, Greenhouse Gasbag.

These are the actual threats to the Biosphere.

It is time for me to do some bloggings about environmental issues. These are real issues. There is potential to seriously degrade the capacity of earth to support civilization if something does not change.

There is also the potential to greatly enhance the productivity and livability of the planet. The need is for better global governance and management of land resources. The once vital environmental movement has largely been coopted or destroyed by the ecofascist movement driving the false “global warming” trope.

No one is sure what is going on with the atmosphere because all serous research is obstructed by the globalist thought police. Summers are getting cooler, winters are getting milder. Overall, the globe is cooling, not warming. This effect is more pronounced in the northern than the southern hemisphere.

Despite the intense cognitive jamming going on, to bully the public to think something is going on which is not, many people are willing to challenge this. Usually, they are able to sidestep becoming dupes for corporate interests which will try to discredit environmental causes, including the legitimate ones. They are most often people like me who have been around for awhile and noticed some things.

The first thing is that the weather is not actually getting hotter over all. There have been changes. We have been hearing all these dire predictions of what will happen in a few years if something is not done now. They never come to pass.

In fact, some of us remember when the panic about global cooling was being pushed just as aggressively and hysterically, and for similar motives. We were all going to wake up one morning buried under a mile of ice. So, we had to stop burning fuel because it put smoke and grit into the air, blocking the sun.

The neoMalthusians have refined their pitch since then. It is now only ‘fossil fuels’ which must be restricted. Also it is not particulates but “carbon”, which is now not going to cool us down but rather heat us up.

Saying “carbon” makes it sound much more awful than “carbon dioxide”(CO2), the gas essential to all plant growth on the planet. I remember learning all this in grade school science class. Animals breathe oxygen and give off CO2. Plants take in CO2, use the carbon in it to grow and make food for animals, and release free oxygen for we animals to breathe.

I also learned another natural cycle in grade school. It has also never been repealed by the neoMalthusian lords of earth. CO2 has nothing at all to do with the earth’s temperature. Nothing on earth controls the overall temperature of the planet.

We depend totally on the cycles of the sun. This seems to be particularly disturbing to many people. But an enormous amount of scientific work has gone into studying the solar cycles, the effect they have on the earth’s temperature and climate, and the effect this has had on all human history.

There are two types of cycles. Some relate to the ‘sunspot’ cycles on the sun, effecting how much energy it gives off. Some have to do with earth’s orbit, bringing us closer or further from the sun, and tilting the earth’s axis.

There are a lot of these cycles, of different lengths. We are in the downward, cooling, slope of short cycle number 25. Another important cycle began about 1850, peaked in the 1930’s, and is on a cooling slope.

The hottest year on record, by the way, was 1935. I mean in the real atmospheric records, not the phony ones cooked up by the ‘climate scientists’.

Mother Earth does, however, have ways of moderating effects on surface temperature that come from the earth; such as volcanos, forest fires, or human economic activity. There is another important natural cycle; the evaporation cycle. The temperature lowers, the evaporation rate lowers, clouds decrease, which reflects back less of the solar energy, raising temperatures again.

When temperatures rise, this cycle goes in reverse. There is much more water vapor in the atmosphere than CO2, so this effect would massively overwhelm any effects from CO2. Water vapor is the main ‘greenhouse gas’.

Thus we see that the world’s climate is a much more complicated topic than the warming fanatics imagine. There is much to be studied about it. It is important to study it. It is very hard to study it because the very powerful people driving the ‘warming’ disinformation do not want it to be studied.

Nonetheless the real scientists find ways to do real science regarding earth’s environment. One interesting subject is the effects of atmospheric aerosols on climate. That is, all the microscopic particles which float in the air.

Science has long known that they are important to cloud formation. It is becoming known that they are important with ice formation as well. This could give us an explanation for retreating glaciers in many places which actually makes sense.

The question then is; are aerosols decreasing in the atmosphere? How is this effected by burning fewer fossil fuels? This is among many important issues which need to be looked into, but which do not fit with the globalist neoMalthusian narrative.

So what do I mean by Globalist and neoMalthusian? What is their agenda? That is a story to unfold over several blog articles. Basically, these are the people who drive this ‘warming’ agenda.

They have two main motives. One is that they want to gain tight control of the world’s resources and energy flows so as to be able to restrict and reduce the population. This is because they are neoMalthusians, just like the old Malthusuans.

They think there are too many of us inferior people. They would like to see the world’s population reduced to only about half a billion; just enough to service their needs. The rest of us are just a plague on the planet, using too much resources.

The second motive seems somewhat contradictory to the aims of the first, but really is not. They want to distract attention away from the real damage to the environment which out of control capitalism is causing. Rather than reduce their use of resources, they want it all for themselves.

These people are real and they really do talk like this among themselves. They seem to have the idea that reducing the population will enable them to maintain the same basic political and economic system which they have built, but without ruining the planet. Otherwise, the economy would have to be reorganized to meet human needs instead of generating profits for an oligarchy.

Thus, the campaign to reduce the use of fossil fuels and thus reduce living standards world wide. They believe this will then force a reduction in the earth’s population. It will also lead to the world government, ie. globalism, which they have long desired.

Everything about this global warming hypothesis is nonsense, but the globalists have a very powerful political and propaganda machine to drive it into people’s heads. They are the the true threats to the biosphere. I will try driving this point into people’s heads in a series of articles.

The rest of this series is here;

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Keep Listening, Greenhouse Gasbag.

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    • And bolted together propaganda tropes say nothing at all. As mathematical models “show” whatever their authors want. And always prove to be dead wrong.


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