Putting the migration issue right side up

You do not save A by wrecking B

I am again seeing comments on the world’s refugee mass migration problem, reciting the riffs from the villains who are engineering this growing crisis. What is so sad about it is that it is mostly coming from people who should know better, who consider themselves to be opponents of imperialism. The globalists are so good at getting inside the heads of their opposition, getting them to argue against themselves.

Still, the people regurgitating these riffs should know better. The cognitive errors are fairly obvious. We have an obligation to throw open our borders to all these refugees because our governments are involved in destroying their countries.

We, meaning the actual population of the countries which are targeting by weaponized mass migration, have no such obligation. We have the right to live in our own country, with our own government to provide to us the material conditions for a decent life. The consequences of millions of destitute people suddenly pouring into our country would be to collapse the services which provide us a decent life.

We did not order any bombings. We did not wreck anyone’s country. Most of our governments were involved indirectly if at all in waging the various forms of warfare on these countries. Usually, they did whatever they did out of coercion but also without any reference to informed public consent.

We are being made responsible for something that is remote from us and undefined. The most vulnerable people within our countries would suffer the worst if our borders were crashed. Those among the elites of our countries who had any real involvement in these wars of aggression would be insulated from this disruption and would likely even profit from it.

The responsibility to ameliorate the harm done by imperial aggression lays with the international community. We had systems for dealing with refugee crises. It seems they are being deliberately destroyed.

Toward this, the claim is being aggressively driven into our heads that there is an obligation under international law to allow people to go wherever they want. There is no such clause in international law; it is spurious and absurd. What exists is a mandate to assist refugees where they are.

Toward that, a system was in place to respond quickly to any war or disaster producing refugees. Camps were set up at the first location the displaced arrived at after escaping the crisis zone. All necessary medical care and food aid was provided until the effected people were able to return to their homes.

Some malevolent force is trying to break this system down and impose its own. These forces have a lot of money to spend on this. Instead of waiting until it is safe for them to return home, people are being encouraged to move to the countries being targeted by weaponized mass migration.

What is this force and what is its interest in organizing this? This should not be a difficult question. Global financial capitalism has long had the aim of creating a world government and reducing the world’s population. Toward that they work to break up national governments and civil societies which do not comport with their plans.

It is a cunning and barbarous plan. First you destroy countries which are nonconforming and are weak enough to attack. Then you obstruct delivery of aid to the stricken populations and instead herd them toward the countries you want to destroy but who are too strong to attack in other ways.

In these countries, crank up a propaganda campaign to create a false sense of guilt and obligation in a sufficient section of the public. Use the usual corps of toxic activists to intimidate politicians into opening up the borders. Prevent the formation of any kind of real plan for coping with these refugees.

There is little which can be done for the refugees when they arrive. They are mostly the poorer classes of wherever they came from. They are impossible to integrate into a modern, technological society.

They would live their lives as fish out of water. Their children would integrate into the lower stratum of the host society, or the criminal classes. The capitalist classes always seek to form and replenish and underclass and a criminal class.

Wherever the people migrated from, they would have been vastly better off to have waited in camps for awhile, then gone back to their own homes. Most end up feeling they were duped and would like to get back home. They are the greatest victims of this criminal conspiracy.

The trafficking of refugees into the target countries is posed as a humanitarian activity. It is in fact a vile racket. It induces people to go to where they never should go.

They are robbed, raped, shaken down, and abducted and sold as slaves. They are forced into unseaworthy vessels or suffocated in rail cars. They are the most pathetic pawns in a huge power game.

What is really obscene about it is that all the money spent on getting them to where they are not wanted could have helped them to reestablish themselves in their home countries. Many of these people say they were paid money to go to western countries. Nobody asks how small children found their way by themselves to the borders of countries thousands of miles from their parents and birth places.

We do not right the wrongs of mass displacement and migration by supporting the plan of those who caused the problem. To do so is to support not only their war on the refugees homelands, but their war on our own well developed civil societies. What is needed is to reverse the plan of the globalists.

The system of enabling refugees to return to their homes as soon as possible needs to be reestablished and strengthened. A strong information campaign needs to be mounted to encourage these people to stay near their homes. These who have reached the west need to be helped to get home.

Justice would be well served if many more of the people organizing these mass migrations were arrested, charged, convicted of crimes against humanity, and given long sentences. Those who planned and funded them will obviously seek to prevent these measures and must be disempowered. They will always find plenty of people whose heads are upside down on these kinds of issues, and whom they can use for their ends.

All I can do is to try to turn some heads right side up.

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