Fighting the Ukraine war in Canada

How to take on the Blue and Yellows.

I have now written several blog pieces about this war. They are the best read work I have written so far. You can review or get up to speed at; The Donbas Story, We Should Not Idealize Mother Russia, Standing Up for Mother Russia, The Real World Stands With Russia, and from the start of the war, The Russians Are Doing Exactly the Right Thing.

Pay special attention to this piece. I frequently send the link to people putting the Blue and Yellow on their twitter handles. Especially, the ones who are tweeting about the covid pandemic, who are good examples of what I was writing about there.

Many people can talk usefully about what they know something about and then go shit stupid about a subject on which they are given no facts but instead a lot of emotional triggers. A few of these people actually read this piece when I referred them to it. Most ignored me or blocked me.

I had one  yo-yo demand to know how I can sleep at night after putting up the Russian St. George ribbon in Z shape as my twitter icon. Of course this joker blocked me before I could tell him/her exactly how I sleep very well at night. I could have asked a few questions about his/her sleep patterns.

As for getting to sleep, I do not count sheep anymore; even the most woolly minded sheep who jump over the fence bleating about how evil ‘Putin’ is because the television said so. I count Banderist Nazi cretins crawling out of their hidey holes one by one to surrender to the Allied forces, wagging their tails behind them. I sleep peacefully in the knowledge that the world is now clearly unfolding as it should.

That is not to say there will not be difficult times ahead. There will be great economic disruptions in the next few years as the rotten old order collapses and the new cannot yet come into being. The crimes of the Atlanticist elite disgust most of the world outside the Atlanticist core territory and its information control bubble, but most countries are afraid to openly challenge it just yet.

But enough on this head; you get what my basic view of it is. If not, you have my earlier stuff, posted above. This is becoming dated already but still relevant.

I will soon be writing some new material, focussed more on what it will all look like after the Russian victory. And of course, the Atlanticist collapse.

It is also time to give the definitive refutation to the idiots who support the Atlanticist propaganda supporting Ukraine on various media. Surprisingly, I have had very little exchange with such people. What little comes into my comment box is mostly praise for my writing and surprise that I am not getting more readers.

However, two weeks ago now, I was in an exchange with one of these “stand with Ukraine” fools. It was in a forum on a zoom type app, an information sharing session for people fighting the Pandemic in many parts of the world. These are well educated people with medically related careers.

The host was someone I had followed on Twitter because he has something to say about organizing resistance to mass infection. There are now some other pretty effective commentators on this subject on the net. When I asked why he was flying the Ukraine flag in his Twitter handle, and sent him my mighty link, he blocked me.

I thought little about this. I Iogged into the forum expecting to hear developments in the antipandemic movement. We were doing introductions, people were still coming into the forum, he was introducing them.

He suddenly rounded on me. On the topic of resistance to mass infection, he is very articulate, but suddenly he could not put a proper sentence together. He demanded to know why I was, what? Trolling him, arguing with him? It was not clear.

I replied, loud enough to be heard over his rant, that I had said all I wanted to say in the material I had sent to him, and this was not the forum to argue about this.

He went on a bit to the effect that I must think that shelling civilians and shooting them is a legitimate way to fight a war.

I put my voice box up a couple of gears and told him that it is easy to create fake atrocities and propaganda videos about it. If you want the truth about things you get it from people who are actually there. I started throwing some suggestions out.

This seemed to back him up a bit. He repeated “Patrick Lancaster”. He may even have gone and checked Lancaster out on Youtube.

I was about to go on my own little counteroffensive but the other participants in the forum got impatient. This had nothing to do with the pandemic and there were people waiting to be let in.

The thing with people like the one I cite is that they are the product of liberal education. In other words, not educated properly, which is about training the mind on how to receive new information.

That is, to suppress emotional triggers, be aware of your prior formations on the topic, and to take in enough to determine the factuality of what is presented. Only then do you begin the process of integrating it into your mental formations.

Too many people formate according to virtue signalling, groupthink, or fear of being left ‘out’. But the single biggest problem is that big flaw in western culture, the idea of multiple realities or multiple truths.

It is usually futile to convince someone of the falsehood of a driven in trope like “Ukraine are the good guys.” It will usually be locked into their skulls until it all comes crashing down around them. So, in a one to one situation, why bother?

However, if there is an audience, and you really like the idea of objective truth, you can try changing some minds before they become frozen. The key to success is, first of all, to have a sound grasp of the facts yourself. Second, to avoid talking directly to the ranting blockhead, but address the audience.

There is little that is dumber than trying to refute such people point by point. Have fast ‘cut across’ responses. The simplest, and the one to start with, is “you don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Why would Russia be destroying South Ukrainian infrastructure? Why would they be deliberately harming the civilians there? They will be governing these areas afterward. They are going to have to rebuild everything. These populations are on their side so why alienate them.”

Then start pointing out that the disinfo zombie’s talk is all emotional and contains no facts which can be verified. Point out that the Ukraine war is basically a propaganda war and the world is full of people who are easy to propagandize. Explain to people how to recognize and resist official propaganda from their government.

Point the audience toward sources of fact. Instruct that what distinguishes honest information from propaganda is that it goes to where the events are happening and lets the camera roll, lets people talk. You cannot fake it.

You cannot fake good writing on the subject, from people who have expertise related to it. It has a distinct ring to it, for anyone with any analytic capacity. Even Russian state supported media is candid that it is there to present Russia’s case to the world, but does not try to manufacture anything.

I am glad I have never been asked exactly why I am so interested in the Ukraine war and the Russian cause in it. A fit person should care about truth and lies, right and wrong, justice. But I have always been interested in how the world really works, or rather does not work as it should.

I am also interested in the whole world not going up in a nuclear fireball. This is what some elements of the global elite seem not to be concerned about. Perhaps they want to take everything down with them, if they can not have it their way.

I think these people have to be removed from power if we are going to have a world worth living in, or even a future. I think the Russians and the Chinese are going about that in the right way. A better world is in the making and I will follow its development.

If you want to follow along, and if you would like plenty of facts with which to deal with be able to explain what the Ukraine war is really about, here is my Ukraine war reality roll.

First of all, here is a one off from Democracy Now talking about attempts to censor anyone not complying with the phony narrative of the war mongers. In particular, the attempt to shut down consortium news.


The Ultimate anti western imperialism blog. Moon of Alabama. Join the barflies.


Newer but very good. The Awful Avalanche


Gilbert Doctorow
International relations, Russian affairs.


Caitlin the cranky Aussie Lady often has great stuff about geopolitical matters.



Yes, here is Russian “state controlled media” with 1000 times the credibility of Canada’s own state media. Its viewership has gone up hugely since it was banned in Western platforms.


Patrick Lancaster’s Youtube channel (Kind of hard for them to justify deleting him, he just records what the civilians in the warzones are saying.)


Here is Gruesome Graham’s YouTube channel. He was working in Donbass back in the 2014 fights. I thing he has married a local girl.


Here is Canada’s own Eva Bartlett, who also frequently visits Donbas and frequently gets harassment for telling the truth about it. Of course, she is on Ukraine’s kill list.

3 responses to “Fighting the Ukraine war in Canada”

  1. I saw your post on moon of Alabama. The Canadian post offices ask “would you like to support Ukraine” when you purchase postage stamps. I say “no” and watch their surprised reaction. The postmaster told me “a young Ukraine girl told her yesterday how bad the Russians were. I told her Ukrainians are fed propaganda all day long, just like the CBC does to us.

    Not sure if it makes a difference, but I try to tell as many people as possible that the stories we get from state media (CBC/PBS etc.) as well as the major networks do not reflect reality but are instead propaganda.

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  2. “Gonzalo Lira. This guy is amazing. He posts stuff on Ukraine regime from right inside Ukraine, from Karkov. Been arrested a couple of times by Ukraine police.”

    I haven’t seen any evidence that he’s still in Ukraine, and we have only his word that the SBU arrested him. I find it hard to believe either claim given what we know about the SBU’s methods. If he was arrested, then it’s likely he was deported, possibly after the Chilean govt. intervened. My guess is he’s in Poland or Hungary, and I’d put money on that.

    Apply the same logic as you would with any other claim coming out of this war. Just because he supports the Russian position doesn’t mean he’s an honest actor. To me it just looks like opportunism – positioning himself for hero status and a documentary somewhere down the road. He is a film maker, or at least aspires to be one. I’d look into that and some of his other activities before I elevate him to a status he may not deserve.

    “Here is Canada’s own Eva Bartlett, who also frequently visits Donbas and frequently gets harassment for telling the truth about it. >>> Of course, she is on Ukraine’s kill list.” <<<

    And Lira isn't? Really?

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