Dear RT; can you please stop Honking for the Honkies?

From a Canadian news watcher and Operation Z supporter on October 30.

I just watched Fiorella Isobel, the RT reporter, lay a bad egg on twitter and then on RT news. Tsk! It has to do with the ongoing controversy about the “honkie” occupations last spring in Canada, and the inquiry now taking place about it. I think this is something I need to do a blog about, as it lets me tie together several topics which interest me, which I like to do.

The obvious thrust of RTs coverage of Canadian affairs has been to attack Chrystia Freeland and the Ukraine Nazi influence in Canada. This is a legitimate cause but the way RT goes about is not good. RT has had a tendency to give play to libertarian, fake populist types of people.

My own political views are basically left wing. I am not a theorizer or a fake left “woke” type. I want to see a seriously democratic socialist state in Canada, actually more like China than Russia. 

Nonetheless, I am something of a Russophile. I even started learning Russian once, but forgot most of it. I very much appreciate that Russia is essential to maintaining freedom on this planet, in the face of the globalist ‘population reducers’ still in control in Europe and North America.

However, there are aspects of contemporary Russia which concern me. I wonder why Russia has been so bad at dealing with the covid pandemic. Also, a top down government structure, dependent on one man, is never a good thing.

I would also be happy if the Russian authorities would end their persecution of Brit Griner and let her go home and go back to shooting hoops.

Nonetheless, I have followed the Ukraine conflict for a long time. I have a very good idea at what is at stake. My sympathies are very much with the people of Donbass, as you can read in many of my blog posts.

However, I am not there. I am a snug and smug Canadian, in my apartment in Toronto, watching it all on cable and the net. The honkie uprising is about as much trouble as ever happens in our land of peace where proudly flies…

Even that mostly happened in Ottawa and a few border crossings. The honkies tried to touch down here in Toronto but the police are different here. They actually blocked off roads to prevent them from setting up their camp.

We had trouble in Toronto about twenty years ago when right wing extremists actually took over the local force for awhile. Under chief Blair, with support from a relatively progressive council, they were ruthlessly cleaned up. Since then the Toronto force has been less of a hazard to the public than police tend to be in most Western countries.

Nonetheless, the honkie invasion was and continues to be something to be concerned about. It is becoming clear to those watching the hearings that there is a lot more to this under the surface. Things will hopefully get clearer as the inquiry continues its work.

It is hard to follow exactly what is being brought out at these hearings. Every possible “news” agency and bot farm is trying to spin it according to their own ideology. Everyone giving testimony is trying to put the blame somewhere else.

A pattern is emerging, however. While the honkies did not and do not have any significant public support, they had the support of extensive right wing political networks dug into sections of the political establishment. Also, much of the rest of the establishment seems afraid of these networks.

This is what makes all this so dangerous. Whether the honkies are a threat to national security is mere semantical debate. They are a clear threat to the public and to social stability.

The first problem was that much of the Ottawa police were, and are, on the side of the honkies. Some Ottawa cops were caught on cell cameras saying as much to them. The Ottawa cops were extremely uninterested in taking action against them.

They were a lot more interested in acting against the citizens of central Ottawa, who felt abandoned by city authorities. People were getting sick of being kept awake all night by the honking. The honkies were acting very aggressively toward them, preventing them from moving around in their own neighbourhoods.

Ottawans began marching around with signs, reading “go home, honkies” and more salty things. Police only acted when a large crowd assembled to confront the honkies, and then only to protect the honkies. Some smarter and richer Ottawans then began filing law suits against the city for negligence.

In Vancouver, the residents were actually successful in driving them out of the city almost immediately they tried to set up camp. In this case the police stood back from both sides.

At several border crossings, the honkies stopped truck traffic over the border for some time, costing the economy billions and creating layoffs among working people. At one crossing, honkies smuggled guns into their site and were recorded plotting to assassinate police officers.

RT reporters seem to have the idea that the “convoys” were about a vaccine mandate. The government required cross border truckers to be vaxed; a very reasonable and effective measure against transmission of the covid virus. Few if any of the honkies were cross border truckers.

Many real, working Canadian truckers were interviewed on video. Almost all strongly supported vaccination as necessary to keep the labor force healthy, and goods moving. Almost all regarded the honkies as unemployed bums and trouble makers who should all be arrested.

During the honkie disturbances, many vaccine mandates in Canada had already been lifted, were lifting during it, or were scheduled to be lifted. The action was clearly not about getting a goddam needle. The demands of the leaders kept shifting and eventually they were demanding the resignation of the government.

It is not clear what the objectives of the honkie revolt were, but they clearly had some money and organization behind them. It had been prepared well in advance. They subsequently raised about ten million dollars before their accounts were frozen. At the time, some of the funding sources were leaked and some of it did indeed come from abroad, notably from some wealthy Americans.

At the time, RT disgraced itself by supporting the honkie convoy, portraying it as a defence of civil rights. This was bizarre. It may have been a misguided attempt to discredit the Freeland faction in the liberal party.

I do not know what this did to effect RTs popularity in North America. It did nothing to increase my support for it. I had become jaded about RT by then because of its increasing support for obnoxious libertarian type tendencies from the states.

I still watch a lot of RT at its website, though I was not too sad to see RT America abruptly wiped off Bell cable. I had been a follower from the time of Alyona Minkovski. Yet recently I have been more interested in China Global Television.

So now we have the hearings so ardently demanded by the civil liberties lawyers. There is always a lot of money to be made in these kinds of ridiculous over interpretations of rights. The effect of these jokers is to weaken government powers where they really need to be stronger, without doing anything to expand the rights of ordinary people, those who cannot afford fancy lawyers.

Useful insights and information do come from these kinds of hearings. The big question is already answered. It should not have been necessary to use the emergency powers act to deal with the honkies.

It became necessary because the people who are supposed to deal with these situations would not or could not do so. The Ottawa police completely broke down.

The Ottawa chief of police, Peter Sloly, had been brought in from the Toronto force to clear up a morale problem in the Ottawa force. The morale problem cleared him up. He buckled under the stress and quit.

We then had a problem of the provincial and federal police forces trying to toss this hot potato around. CSIS, our very own secret police force, is still arguing with Ottawa police over whether intelligence shows some sinister foreigners were instigating this trouble.

The Prime Minister of Canada complained that the Premier of the province of Ontario, Doug Ford, disappeared during the crisis. It was Ford who actually had responsibility to act in these situations, bringing in provincial police. The emergencies act was finally invoked so that the federal police could be brought in to finally send the honkies packing.

By the way, the honkies were invariable handled with utmost delicacy by police. In most countries people trying do such a thing would have been landed on like a ton of bricks. The honkies were pushed out of central Ottawa by lines of police, advancing step by step and taking days to finish it.

Now, Ford is fighting against being subpoenaed to testify at the hearing. It has been widely noted that he seems quite flustered by this. Everyone is starting to ask; just what does he have to hide?

People also wonder just what Pierre Poilievre, the federal conservative leader, will have to say for himself when he gets his invitation. He was not yet leader of the party when the honkies happened, but he stood on an overpass greeting them as they wheeled into Ottawa. He played a big role in organizing funding for them.

There are still many witnesses to come. Many are contradicting each other. Some are saying something different that what they were implying while the event was happening.

It does seem that there was a good deal of foreign influence and support behind the honkies. But calm down, Fiorella and RT, it is clear that none of it came from Russia. It seems to have come from the states, and republican, libertarian, Trumpian kinds of people.

These people are known to really dislike the Trudeau government and the Freelanders. They have connections with like minded people in Canada. At the time of the occupation, there were urban legend type stories that Trudeau was being handed threats and ultimatums by people who boasted that they could turn the protests on and off like a switch.

Remember that the honkie convoy was planned in Alberta and started its trip to Ottawa from there. Alberta is the centre of the fossil fuels industry in Canada. It is also the centre for all things right wing populist and ignorant.

People in the oil business in Alberta have strong connections with the American oil industry. Oil and Gas people on either side of the border do not like the Trudeau government’s interference with the oil industry.

Alberta was also a centre for UkroNazi immigration after World War Two. Chrystia Freeland is from Alberta. You know what her Grampa did in the big war. You know what kind of people she supports in Canada.

However, Freeland by herself is not responsible for Canada supporting the bad guys in Ukraine. Canada is stuck inside the Atlantic alliance and has no real independence. Our establishment news media pushes the same nonsense as the media everywhere else in the western world.

Canadians tend to believe what they are told, so we are slower coming around to questioning the elite narrative about the Ukraine war, and our government’s support for it. However, people are starting to arrive there. I make my own feeble efforts to help this process along.

People in Canada have no idea about the Ukronazi influence in the country. Some independent media are starting to raise awareness of the issue. When Canadians become aware, they invariably object to monuments being put up on Canadian soil, to psychopathic mass murderers.

A few people are raising questions about Chrystia’s grampa, her failure to renounce his activities, and her continuing connections to very questionable organizations. Some people ask how someone like Chrystia’s Grampa was ever allowed into the country. This seems to fluster Ms. Freeland.

But if there is any one group of people in Canada who have become universally detested, it is the honkies. So, once again, Fiorella, if you want to attack Freeland and the Canadian support for the Ukrainian Nazis, this is not the way to go about it.

Happy Halloween, Fiorella.


This is the first time I have had to add to anything I wrote for my blog. I have got some very interesting back channel comments. It seems other people have looked into this topic as well.

A good alternate theory is that the honkie show was all about trying to replace Trudeau with Freeland. But again, who was behind that? This person believes the CIA/Soros people were. Whatever, I think Freeland will knock off Trudeau fairly soon.

But my understanding of Trudeau is that he and most of his cabinet are people from out of the “Young Leaders” group run by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, ei Davos group. Freeland is a Rhodes scholar, meaning Rothschild agent. I thought that all these groups, Soros included, were allied as part of the global/financial/ depopulation agenda.

I do not agree that the US Republicans are non interventionist. They are behind the antivax and ‘Great Barrington” crowd. They only do interventions when they have a real interest to protect.

Trump got along real good with Trudeau? Chuckle, chuckle. Ontario premier Dougie Ford talks about what good buddies he and Trudeau are, as he sticks the knife in him at every opportunity.

The only thing I can say with confidence is that this was an attempt by some very powerful interests to intimidate the Canadian government, with local support. As more information comes out at the hearing, and if I get more good insights from readers, it may be possible to say more.

Yes, so people may call me a conspiracy theorist. The only thing theoretical about all this is; exactly what different conspiracies are at work, what their goals are, and which ones are fighting or collaborating.

Another dead on observation has been that RTs real problem is that they have no people on the ground in Canada. Otherwise, they might have reported this much differently. This of course, was the real reason why they were run out of western countries.

As for Freeland’s Grandfather, I am informed that he got into Canada after the war on fake documents provided him by the CIA. That explains much.

No one double checked anything and he had been a fairly prominent Nazi. But they had quite a flood of “displaced persons” coming into Canada at the end of the war.

Easy for the creeps to float in along with the legitimate refugees. Now their descendants are a step away from running the country.

2 responses to “Dear RT; can you please stop Honking for the Honkies?”

  1. Got here via your announcement on AA.

    Excellent blogpost, burble! I was beginning to wonder if there was another single soul in Canada like me. Real left but in favour of the SMO. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the totally screwy foreign interpretation of our greaseball convoy truckers. My brother and his wife and neighbours in Calgary got involved in a scuffle with those dumb farts in early March, when they commandeered the local neighbourhood park to set up for a “demonstration” downtown after being broomed out of Ottawa. The citizens finally got the police to remove the wackos.

    You have to laugh/sigh when foreigners, mostly “worldly”, ha ha, Americans, open their traps and opine complete nonsense on the trucker convoy nutters. 30,000 Ottawa citizens in the area had to put up with these idiots honking 24/7 like the lowbrows they are. And the Ottawa police stood around like dorks, appearing to be on the side of the crazies. The nominal impetus for the convoy, requiring proof of vaccination at the border crossing into Canada fom the US was howled about, and none of these gibberish types “remembered” that the US had the same requirement going the other way, and was due to keep it in place longer than we were. So, just geaseball whining, much in the vein of similar dopes attacking healthcare professionals coming and going to work. Got zero time for them or any excuse they try to raise, because their behaviour was unacceptable, period.

    When I finally read an article in a foreign publication that even remotely shows an understanding of Canada and its internal dynamics, I think I’ll croak and float off to heaven. Bigheads everywhere outside the country assume all sorts of utter nonsense, and have not the first clue about Canada. Not a single one. Then stand around and pooh pooh the outlook of the vast majority of people who actually live here. As if they knew something special that people living here putting up with the convoy racists/nazis and their hangers-on do not. As if.

    It’s why I have zero time for either American political party. In broad strokes, you have the Repubs living in conspiracy-theory dreamland about stolen elections and hanging on every word of the barf-worthy Trump, and the Democrat warhawks trying to make the world into a single US-run feudal state. Neither option or side appeals to me in the slightest. If they all would just mind their own damn business, I wouldn’t care, but oh no, they’re always looking for an edge in the world to make money off everyone else by hook or by crook, and finding “enemies” under every stray rock.

    Freeland, what a surname, eh? Grandpappy had a sense of entitlement and dark humour. A neocon, Chrystia used to drop in a decade ago on the Bill Maher show, another know-it-all dipshit of all-American opinion. Anyway, even if she really is on the side of the more nazi elements in our country intellectually, she blew it when she suspended bank accounts of the greaseballs after they were cleared out of Ottawa, or else blow her cover. Now they hate her back in Alberta’s rural goonshow in the sticks. Couldn’t happen to a nicer two-faced politician. Forced to be a Canadian, how tragic! But of course, now a UK Tory-style austerity freak finance minister who somehow still rustles up hundreds of millions to send off to her old pals in Ukraine on my and your tax dime.

    There isn’t a provincial government or federal political party I can support. All too far to the right. PeePee Poilievre, as 22 Minutes has dubbed him, is an utter joke just out for personal glory, a shit-disturber. Trudeau seems unaware that nobody likes him, and Singh, well, I’ve met more dynamic sheep.


  2. I’m glad you liked the post. I hope it gets to somebody at RT. Or other foreign media. Foreign coverage of Canada is so bad because foreign media never have people in the country. They rely on people they should not.

    This is why, while everyone in Canada hates the Honkies guts, they get all this support from abroad.


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